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Text Leads for Dealers

Unlimited Leads ONLY $20/day


The best text message service for dealerships

Whether you’re a power sports dealer or a car dealer, Rockstar Designs offers the absolute best text message lead generation service for your dealership. Here are just a few reason why we’re the best SMS Lead Generation Service for your dealership.

Turn-Key Service

We do all the work so you can do what you do best: SELL MORE UNITS.

Lead Exclusivity

Your customers belong to you and only you. We will never sell your leads to anyone.

Real Humans - Zero Bots

Buyers have to manually text your special code, so they’re all valid.

No Lead Fees - No Contracts

Your monthly rate is guaranteed with no per lead fees and no contracts. 


F.A.Q. About Text Message Leads for Dealerships

Unlimited Inbound Text message lead generation from Rockstar Designs are just $20 per day. 


Once you say yes, we can have text message leads set up for your dealership within 48 hours.

The most common way that smart dealers use text messaging is for lead generation, but you can use it in other ways as well. 

You can also use text messaging to buy inventory. Text the code: SMS to the phone number 1-833-524-0592 to see an instant text message response from us. 

Standard messaging and data rates apply. We only offer services to Automotive Dealers and Powersports Dealerships in the United States. 

The reason we created this tool is to help Powersports dealers and Car Dealers get more customers on the phone. Yes we’re using text messaging to engage the customer, but it isn’t so that you can sit back and celebrate the leads you got.

This is really a “Phone-Up generation program.”

The program only works if you work the program. When a customer texts in to see your special promotional offer, you have to call them right away to make sure they received your offer, and to stop the shop. You cannot send these leads into your CRM, or assign them to a lazy salesperson who is afraid to make phone calls.

The dealers who will succeed on this program keep it simple. When a buyer texts the code to see your offer, they will receive a text message that stops them from shopping for a brief moment. In that message, they’ll get a notification that you’re going to call and validate the offer. That’s when your sales rockstar is going to call them and say something like…

“This is Mat from ABC Powersports, I am calling to make sure you received the special offer we sent to your phone.” 

When the customer confirms receipt, the next thing out of your salesperson’s mouth should be something along the lines of…

“Great, what were you looking at when you texted in?”

BOOM! There goes the dynamite! Now you have a phone up and you can do what you do best! Sell the appointment, and sell the unit!

Don’t waste any more time reading, contact us today and get started so you can sell more product, make more money and have a heck of a lot more fun!

Why Text Leads Are #1 for Dealerships?

Proven Technology

Text messages never end up in a spam filter so you know that your message will get delivered to your buyers.

Speed Matters

Once buyers have made it to your website, you need a way to stop the shop and a text message will do the trick.

It's How We Communicate

Texting is the number one people want to communicate so you’re meeting buyers where they’re at.

Texting is the way that most Americans prefer as their method of communication. Rockstar Designs offers a turn key Text Message [SMS] Lead generation program for Automotive and Powersports dealers so you can communicate in the way that buyers prefer. Our text message lead generation program doesn’t have any per-lead fees. We have a simple flat rate solution with unlimited leads and 100% valid mobile numbers. You can use our SMS lead generation program to capture mobile numbers on your website, third party advertising sites and even on your lot!. Text message lead generation is the new way for power sports and automotive dealers to generate leads and get buyers on the phone so you can set more appointments, close more deals and make more money now!.



We offer our SMS marketing platform risk free for power sports and automotive dealerships. Our services are month to month with no contracts, no setup fees, and no cancellation fees. Think of it like a lease. You pay the same flat rate at the beginning of each month. If you’re ever unhappy with your results, simply send us an email and we can turn off the lead faucet. Why would we offer something like this? The answer is simple: We know that you’ll love our service so much, you’ll never want to cancel.

Need More Inventory?

Use a text message code to offer a link to free online trade in appraisals in minutes without having to come to the dealership. Best of all, when someone texts in for the link, you capture their mobile number!

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